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Frequently Asked Questions

Icon Cleaning Group is a Sydney-based cleaning company that offers a wide range of all-inclusive commercial cleaning services for different types of properties like offices, industries, schools, banks, residential properties, child care centers, medical facilities, factories, retail centers, and more.
It can be challenging to find a cleaning company in Sydney that you can rely on to offer an all-inclusive cleaning package with a cleaning team that is qualified and licensed to clean in accordance with the specifications of your property, despite the fact that there are many good cleaners and cleaning companies in Sydney.
Icon Cleaning provides you with the perfect mix of quality, efficiency, value for money and professionalism, with its wide range of commercial cleaning services that transcends all stereotypes.
You don't have to do anything because our company handles everything from bringing cleaning equipment and chemicals to completing the cleaning process. We will begin work as soon as we arrive at your location.
The cost of cleaning services in Sydney is determined by the size of the property, the amount of time spent cleaning, the equipment used, and the type of cleaning service required to complete the necessary cleaning for your property.
Icon cleaners are all professional, dependable, and well-trained, with full insurance and full-time availability. Our company is dedicated to only providing good cleaning results, and we use high-quality, environmentally friendly cleaning equipment.
Our business is completely covered by insurance, and our cleaning crew is qualified and authorized. Any property that is damaged during the cleaning process will be repaired or replaced by us.
Our Sydney cleaners have the experience to handle all types of commercial cleaning services and can work on properties of all sizes and shapes, including offices, schools, and homes, as well as warehouses, medical centers, and gyms.
Cleaning the floors, dusting the furniture, wiping the surfaces, desktop computer, light fittings, and other items, vacuuming the carpets, cleaning and disinfecting the toilets, waste management, and disinfecting other high-traffic areas are all part of office cleaning service.
An office building should be cleaned at least once a week, but dusting and floor cleaning should be done on a daily basis. A thorough office cleaning should be performed at least twice a month. If the office is hectic, weekly deep cleaning and disinfection is essential to ensure adequate hygiene.
Yes. At Icon Cleaning, we make every effort to be available at all times and work around the clock to meet your office cleaning needs whenever and wherever they arise. As a result, depending on availability, we will do our best to provide same-day office cleaning in Sydney.
Our company is fully insured, and our cleaning team is professionally trained and licensed. We will repair and replace any property that is damaged during the cleaning process.
Cleaning with little to no chemicals is referred to as “green cleaning”. In most cases, concentrated fruit enzymes that operate similarly to chemicals but contain fewer chemicals are used in place of the chemicals.
You will not be charged any cancellation fees if you report the cancellation on time and in advance of the appointment.
Tipping the cleaners is not obligated, but the cleaners will certainly appreciate it and accept it as a token of gratitude.
You are not required to supervise the cleaning process, but you may stay if you do not feel comfortable leaving the cleaners alone.
Yes, we are available to work every day of the week, including weekends and holidays.
Yes. Everything needed for the cleaning service, including detergents, chemicals, buckets, mops, vacuum cleaners, and more, will be provided by our cleaning team.
Yes. Your bookings can be rescheduled by contacting our customer service. You need to alert us at least 24 hours before rescheduling, though.
The size of your property and the type of cleaning service required will determine how long the cleaning will take.
A Deep Clean is a type of cleaning done for new clients or clients who have not had their properties cleaned properly in a long time.
A standard commercial cleaning includes deep cleaning, vacuuming, dusting, disinfection, COVID-19 disinfection, and dusting of all rooms and surfaces in buildings such as offices, medical facilities, schools, childcare centers, gyms, banks, restaurants, and others.
Yes. We only hire Sydney cleaners that have the full license, insurance, and training to work on commercial cleaning services.
We have a completely insured company that will take care of the repair, replacement, and compensation of damages that take place during the cleaning process.
Hiring commercial cleaners allows you to concentrate on your business without having to worry about cleaning. It is critical for workplace productivity to keep the commercial building clean and sanitary.
Yes. Whether you're looking for preventative cleaning or require a complete decontamination of your workplace, we offer coronavirus cleaning services for all types of commercial properties.