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Looking for a Top Cleaning Services Company
in Sydney?

Let the Icon Cleaning professionals handle the burden of cleaning your property while you focus on your personal and corporate affairs.

How It Work

How It Works

3 Steps Following
We Complete Work

How It Works

Our cleaning services begins with a consultation to understand your needs and preferences, and then our team of experienced cleaners uses the latest equipment and techniques to make your property spotless.

Our Awesome Service

Our Cleaning services is second to none, with a team dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction and going above and beyond to deliver a positive outcome.

Our Projects

We've completed a wide range of projects, from small residential properties to large commercial buildings, and we have the experience to tackle any project, no matter how big or small.

Our Services

Our Cleaning Services


Commercial Cleaning

Offices, schools, gyms, childcare centers, medical facilities, government agencies, and other properties require high-quality cleaning.

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Office Cleaning

Improve productivity by keeping every nook and cranny spotless with all-inclusive, cost-effective office cleaning services that include scrubbing...

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Windows Cleaning

Our Sydney window cleaners can work on window cleaning services for all types of external and internal windows...

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Industrial Cleaning

With cost-effective cleaning, waste management, and disinfection packages that deliver high-quality and effective...

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Medical Cleaning

Contact our medical cleaners for guaranteed safe medical cleaning to create a safe and hygienic environment...

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Strata Cleaning

Our strata cleaning team is capable of adhering to council regulations and cleaning any size building...

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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Icon Cleaning

Are you looking for a reliable and professional cleaning service in Sydney? Don't settle for anything less than the best. Here are some reasons why you should choose our top-notch cleaning services to ensure your space is spotless and hygienic:

Fully Insured & Experienced Staff

We have a team of skilled and fully insured cleaning specialists dedicated to providing quality cleaning services tailored to your needs.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions

We use non-toxic chemicals and detergents that will not pollute the environment, and we ‘go green’ to reduce our footprint on the environment.

Responsive Customer Service

Our professional and responsive customer service team ensures that your needs are considered and met in order to provide reliable and quality service.

High Quality Cleaning Tools

Delivering the right cleaning services requires the right equipment, which is why we use modern and quality cleaning equipment and products to deliver the best cleaning results.

Nothing is more important

We prioritize the following.

Our company was created to stand out in the industry by hiring cleaners who care about our customers and using non-toxic and eco-friendly cleaning products. Your satisfaction is important to us, and you can contact us if you are dissatisfied or have special requests.

Our Project

We Have Done Many Latest Projects

Our Values

Core Values


Quality is central to our company's success, and we strive to provide only the best cleaning results to our esteemed clients.


Understanding our clients' preferences requires communication, which is why you can count on us to lend a listening ear when required.


We use cutting-edge cleaning technology that has recently been developed to achieve cleaning results that are unrivaled in the industry.


Every building has unique requirements, and we work with tailored services that are suitable for each property we work on.


Our concern for our clients' wellbeing drives us to use safe, eco-friendly, and non-toxic equipment to ensure their safety.


We value transparency and appreciate establishing trust with our clients when offering services and producing results they can rely on.

Sydney Areas

That We Serve

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Our Testimonials

What Our Client’s Say
About Us

Zamiz Para
CEO & Founder

Working with Icon Cleaning has improved the productivity of my company because my employees and I can now concentrate on our tasks in peace. We receive excellent cleaning services, and I would recommend them to anyone.

Jack defid

There is good cleaning, and there is superb cleaning. Icon Cleaning definitely falls in the latter because my apartment always looks spotless and feels refreshing now. The cleaners are respectable and trustworthy as well. Highly recommend.

Zeni Parid

Good service. Dependable cleaners. What more can I ask for from a cleaning company? I really appreciate the quality cleaning offered by Icon. Absolutely the best I have worked with.

JK Josaf

If you're looking for a Sydney Cleaning Company that won't let you down, try Icon because I've only gotten the best results so far. My daycare receives weekly cleaning and disinfection, and the chemicals never leave a bad odor.

Denial rechird

The cleaners are extremely friendly and professional, and I have no complaints about the services they provide. I don't even need to stock up on cleaning supplies because they come with their own high-quality cleaning products. Check them out, please.

Riya Afhid

Among Sydney's commercial cleaning companies, Icon Cleaning is the best. For my office building, I used their cleaning services, and I thought they were competent, good-natured, and professional. I'd recommend their services to anyone.


Highly recommended using Icon Cleaning's services. Excellent and expert cleaning work, responsive management, and they cover a large portion of Sydney. My warehouse feels incredibly clean, and my employees love the freshness.


This is the best cleaning company I have worked with, from a highly responsive team to skilled cleaners and cutting-edge equipment. Overall, my colleagues and I are very satisfied with the service we received from this company and will definitely recommend them!

Johal jefer

My apartment feels brand new because of their exceptional cleaning skills and attention to detail. They are unrivaled in terms of value for the money and truly amazing. It is highly recommended to use them for any type of business.

Leo jefer

The cleaning staff at Icon is consistently on time and polite. Using their COVID-19 cleaning procedures, my pharmacy was deep cleaned and disinfected. I won't think twice about suggesting this cleaning service to my friends.


Frequently Asked

Icon Cleaning Group is a Sydney-based cleaning services company that offers a wide range of all-inclusive commercial cleaning services for different types of properties like offices, industries, schools, banks, residential properties, child care centers, medical facilities, factories, retail centers, and more.
It can be challenging to find a cleaning company in Sydney that you can rely on to offer an all-inclusive cleaning package with a cleaning team that is qualified and licensed to clean in accordance with the specifications of your property, despite the fact that there are many good cleaners and cleaning companies in Sydney.
Icon Cleaning provides you with the perfect mix of quality, efficiency, value for money and professionalism, with its wide range of commercial cleaning services that transcends all stereotypes.
You don't have to do anything because our company handles everything from bringing cleaning equipment and chemicals to completing the cleaning process. We will begin work as soon as we arrive at your location.
The cost of cleaning services in Sydney is determined by the size of the property, the amount of time spent cleaning, the equipment used, and the type of cleaning service required to complete the necessary cleaning for your property.

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